About the Repository

The SZTE Miscellanea repository is a goldmine of digitally available documents. Most of these documents were digitized due to reasons of file protection. This archive is part of the Contenta repositories, operated by the Klebelsberg Library.

Among our repositories, Miscellanea is the most colourful collection, with documents that are not strongly related either to Szeged or to the University. At the moment the repository holds journals and books, bequests, composite volumes, documents of historic interest and manuscripts.

All documents are available full-text, and a part of the collection is also processed analytically, at article level. You can use the Browse by Volume or the Browse by Article options accordingly.

The repository is continuously growing. If you need any further information, please contact us at contenta@ek.szte.hu.

According to the SZTE Klebelsberg Library's policy on use and copyright, the content found on this site is free to download. However, if you use them in any way, please let us know in the hope that we may be able to provide a higher resolution version. We also ask you to refer to the SZTE Miscellanea Repository when using the documents in your project, if possible include the web address of our collection. (This is in accordance with Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0.)

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