Synthesis and steric structure of alicycle-fused 1,3-thiazine-β-lactams

Sohár, Pál and Szabó, János and Simon, Lajos and Simonné Talpas, Gizella and Szűcs, Erzsébet and Bernáth, Gábor: Synthesis and steric structure of alicycle-fused 1,3-thiazine-β-lactams. Kolligátum. pp. 687-692. (1991)

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Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Kolligátum
Date: 1991
Page Range: pp. 687-692
Collection: Kolligátum
Uncontrolled Keywords: Vegyészet
Additional Information: Forrásdokumentuma: Magnetic Resonance in Chamistry 29.1991
Date Deposited: 2017. Oct. 21. 10:16
Last Modified: 2018. Oct. 18. 09:08

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