Stereochemical Studies 124. : structures of (I) cis- and (II) trans-decahydroquinazoline-2-spiro-1'-cycIohexan-4-one

Kapor Agneš and Ribár Béla and Mészáros Csaba and Fülöp Ferenc and Bernáth Gábor: Stereochemical Studies 124. : structures of (I) cis- and (II) trans-decahydroquinazoline-2-spiro-1'-cycIohexan-4-one. In: Kolligátum. pp. 2632-2635. (1991)

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Item Type: Offprint
Journal or Publication Title: Kolligátum
Date: 1991
Page Range: pp. 2632-2635
Additional Information: Forrásdokumentuma: acta crystallographica 1991
Uncontrolled Keywords: Sztereokémia
Projects: Kolligátum
Date Deposited: 2017. Sep. 29. 12:55
Last Modified: 2019. Nov. 11. 11:02

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